Wednesday, December 12, 2012

K & S's wedding at Andrew Mellon

Dear readers, alright so we know we are a little behind on our blog posts... but that's partially because we've been working on some amazing weddings this past wedding season and fall.  We've also got some really cool winter ones to share with you later.

For now, let us take a step back to the August wedding of K & S.  This wedding was so fabulous, it would be a shame not to write about it.  For starters, it took place at the amazing and grand Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium.  If you DC folks haven't visited this venue yet, please take the time to do so.  The architecture is absolutely breathtaking and we were excited to be working there again.  This family chose to have their wedding there because they felt the columns and feel of the building was reminiscent of Persepolis, the ancient Persian capital and its palace.

I met with the beautiful bride and her sweet mom months and months before the wedding.  It's not often that clients give me almost absolute free rein to design their Sofreh ye Aghd.  I was humbled and honored by their trust in me.  So with a color palette of antique silver and gold and accents of peach, I designed a sofreh that would go with the majestic and grandiose feel of the Mellon's green room.  Let us not forget that a Sofreh isn't truly complete without flowers... and for this wedding, we worked with non other than Amaryllis DC, the renowned floral company of our area.  The four grand floral arrangements that sat on each corner of the Sofreh truly made it shine.

The rest of the dream team for this wedding was as follows :

Photography - Syed of Rodney Bailey (see below for the amazing shots)
Video - Suburban Media group or suburban video (known for their expertise in Persian and cultural wedding films)
Catering- Design Cuisine (they are amazing and do a lot more than just the food for an event!)
Wedding planning- Pineapple productions

And last but not least, this wedding had a live band led by the famous Persian pop super star Andy (Madadian).

Here are some photos of K & S's Sofreh Aghd.  Our very best wishes to you both!

~ Mahsa