Monday, June 18, 2012

All things new!

Dear Sofreh Atelier fans, clients, readers, etc.,

We've been so busy we haven't had a chance to blog in a long time. Not only is it wedding season, but just before wedding season started, we launched some awesome changes and updates. Sofreh Atelier now has a new and updated logo and website. But moreover, we now offer Event Design services. We are really excited about that and have already designed some amazing affairs!

So in honor of our new services, we thought we'd take some time out and blog about wedding design. Your wedding should obviously be in the color and theme of your choice. But our problem is, how to choose between so many amazing options?! The answer? Well, that's why we love what we do because our lovely clients have such a broad spectrum of preferences that we get to live out our dream of not having to choose ! We can't believe sometimes that this is considered working because it is too fun and fantastic to play around with colors, flowers and decor for a living!

 Anyway, enough rambling... in honor of the launch of our services, we will start off with the most popular wedding color... white. An all white wedding is always a safe choice... it is forever in style yet never boring! Check out some amazing options for an all white wedding. Keep in mind, all white can still be done in so many different styles: ultra-modern, rustic, classic, vintage, garden, etc etc.



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